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Gry og James skriver fra Haiti

Danske (Sarah) Gry og amerikanske James Appel, som vanligvis arbejder på hospital i Robertsport, Liberia er rejst til Haiti for at hjælpe de sårede efter jordskælvet. James skriver:

Sarah and I arrived Wednesday in Port au Prince. We had to take a circuitous route through the Mountains from the airport to the hospital because of the gangs controlling the more direct route.

We have been working in the OR at Haiti Adventist Hospital since, helping take care of earthquake victims. The hospital is packed with trauma patients and the three ORs have been going nonstop from morning until 9-10pm with many victims still waiting, lying on the floor in the ER or on the ground outside the hospital or in tents in the parking lot. 18 surgeries Thursday, 15 Friday and an easy 7 surgeries today (Saturday).

It’s been a great experience to see national staff, local Adventist Youth Society volunteers and ex-pat volunteers all working together to help. It’s been a team effort which means despite the complicated cases and late nights there has been camaraderie, fun, joking, laughter and the satisfaction that only comes from loving your neighbor as yourself.  The delicious Haitian food and evening dips in the hospital resort pool haven’t hurt.

Tak om I vil huske Gry og James samt Haitis befolkning i forbøn.